Friday, March 2, 2012

The Blog Fog

You can see its been a few months since a post. I had great ambitions and visions for this blog, but alas once it was created, I simply didn't know what to write. Maybe I was thinking about it too much. Looking for an angle to take when really I'm more of a circle girl... I'm not crafty, not healthy, have no secrets for excercising, or cooking. I struggle with silly thing like coupons, getting up early and staying up on housework -- and relationships. I'm a master of nothing and generally feel like I'm just trying to soak up the goodness and wisdom of those around me. Reading Ann Voskamp's online journal may have stymied me as well; the woman breaths truth, whereas my resounding theme seems to be: I messed up AGAIN?...

Then an old friend (you know the kind with roots deep enough to hold up years in between visits, and still be healthy) wrote to say, among other things, that she had started a blog.  I was honored that she shared it with me, thrilled to get to regularly 'hear' from her amazing heart in this new found way, and inspired to maybe give mine a go -er, a second go. After all, while I may not be able to categorize myself or my thoughts in the way I think I should, this day-to-day life I'm living is really overflowing with love and grace. And that's good enough for me.

So I began thinking on it through the day.. And what came out seems perhaps to be a combination of what my life IS and what I so sincerely hope it would be. So for now, I think I'll try to capture my thoughts, my heart and my soul (and those of my little family - whose hearts beat in time with mine) in this way: 

*Today's Praise :What am I thanking God for today?

*The Wrestle: Where am I struggling with fears, failures, hopes or questions?

*The Still Small Voice: What do I hear God speaking into my life?

That's where I'm heading for now - not that you were asking, or needed directions to this ridiculously simple blog. I won't be tagged on Pinterest, no one will hash tag me (#canthatbeaverb?),  and I'm going to (try) not to care that I won't get 'liked' by one of my 243 "friends" on facebook. This is just the heart of a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend - trying to do life with more of Him, and less of me.

Oh that I might see, hear, think, speak and love (and therefore WRITE) more and more like my heavenly Father. Afterall, the only words worth penning (uh, typing) are the ones He is writing on my heart.

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