Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today's Praise:
This afternoon, on our way to a haircut, the car died... what, you wouldn't praise God for that? :) He took care of Cooper and I so perfectly. It was when turning onto a busy road that I realized I didn't have much acceleration power. But He slowed traffic here and there, and gave us just enough of a budge to get us safely landed into an empty parking lot. The sun was shining, and it was a balmy - if not windy! - 60 degrees.. Cooper had wanted to take a book along, so he flipped happily through 'Corduroy' while I called my mama, who had yet to put her other grandbabies down for a nap. "We'll be on the way!" she says, and I just know she will come as fast as she can with all her heart to help her baby.

The Wrestle:
'The car died' can seem like a big thing in my little world. Yet, just today I've looked at a blog of a mother battling cancer, read a news report on a 16 year old beauty who passed away in a car accident, heard the heart of an aching friend who has suffered loss, prayed for a couple desperate to have babies and holding to hope four years later ... Perspective. While others lives seem to be spiraling out of control, at a glance I am simply- parked. How do I wake each day and shrink my frustrations into the size they really are? And how do I magnify the glory, grace and love?

The Still Small Voice:
It's good to cry for others sometimes. Let the love you feel motivate you to live your life to the fullest. And to love others extravagantly, always. You don't know everyone's story. But you do know I've created everyone.  There's not one person in this world who doesn't need to be shown love and grace. Ask Me for eyes to see the hurting, to meet others needs, and when to send a perfectly-timed phone call, email or text. I love to reveal those things to people who really desire to know. They'll know you love Me by the way you love them.


  1. Oh Leslie. I just wrote about the same thing--Perspective--today! And then I hopped over to read your blog (haven't done much reading in weeks, obviously!). How awesome that God used you ONCE AGAIN to reaffirm what He's saying to me. Thank you for faithfully listening--and speaking. You are precious to me.

  2. It is awesome that God has been lining up our hearts and minds for ... well, many many years, huh? :) Obviously I haven't been doing much writing either.. And I don't even have amazing Easter costumes to blame. :)